At Accessible ICT, we are here to help you take stress out of your everyday IT Challenges, so you can focus on doing your daily task easily. We have got a range of ICT Service Solutions :

  • Software Installations: $99.00
  • Peripheral Installation : $99.00 (eg: webcams,multi functions etc)
  • RAM Installations: $199.00
  • Data Transfer: $199.00

By buying a Phone/Mobile Support Service, you can get all Technology issues answered in one phone call.
Purchase Tele (Phone/Mobile) support in a one-off 1 hour session,or choose an ongoing Tele (Phone/Mobile) solutions over several months. Our Tele (Phone/Mobile) service gives you access to IT Support Staff’s assistance anytime you need – (24/7,365 days a year)*.

  • Up to One Hour : $75.00
  • Three Months Unlimited: $999.00
  • One Year Unlimited: $1999.00
    * Fair Use Policy applies

Accessible ICT’s Remote Support gives you access to great ubiquitous IT Support for your home or office, while having a technical expert access your computer remotely via your existing internet connection.
You can explain your IT problem over the phone, while our IT Staffs make effort to solve your problem remotely only with your consent. We will be able to navigate through your computer to fix the problem without you losing your important time.

  • Up To One Hour: $25.00
  • Three Months Unlimited* : $55.00
  • One Year Unlimited* : $150
    *Fair Work Policy Applies

If you prefer technical support in person to get technical advice, or need technical diagnosis or you need repairs to be done at your home or in office then On Site Support is the best solution.
With our On Site Support, our technical expert will visit you at home or work at your convenience and attend to your technology issues on the spot.

  • On – Site Technician 1 hour – $ 99.00
  • On- Site Technician 2 Hours – $199.00
  • On- Site Technician 3 Hours – $ 399.00

We can provide you Emergency ICT Services if you are in hurry. Our IT Staff can be on site within 1-2 hours of your call.
Extra $30.00 fee applies on top of regular On Site Support

If you have a very specific technology task, we can provide the following services to ensure your tech need is fulfilled.

Set Up and Secure
With the Set Up and Secure service, you can be assured that your home or office Pc or mac,laptop or tablet is set up as per your need, running smoothly and properly tested – allowing you to have superb performance. Every Stage from installing operating systems, configuring your new hardware, configuring your email accounts and more will be performed by our expert technician in your home or in office.
*this service includes up to 15 GB of Data
The Price for this service is $150.00

System Health Check Up and Tune Up
Your IT Devices need to be checked up regularly to keep the system running smoothly. With System Health Checkup and Tune Up, it helps to increase your computer performance for maximum efficiency and productivity. We recommend that this service is scheduled every 5-10 months for optimal performance.
The Price for this service is $150.00

Virus, SPAM, Adware and Torjan Removal
Our Professional Technicians can help if you want to safeguard your machine. We use State of art programs which can remove any foreign software that may have infected your machine to get your system back up and running smoothly. This excludes anti-virus purchase.
The Price for this service is $150.00

Our professional technicians can setup a secure network so that others cannot access your connection or files. We will setup peer to peer network for up to two computers, setup broadband connectivity for up to 3 wireless devices including printers and establish file sharing capabilities.
The Price for this service is $150.00

Our Professional technicians can attempt to rescue some or all of you lost data from a damaged storage devices such as Hard drives : Internal/External and Solid State, USB Drives.
The Price for this service is $150.00

If you have more users, your peer to peer network may not work properly. In such situation, our professional staff can consolidate your corporate data and install a Small Business Server to give your business the flexibility it needs to be able to perform better.
Our Small Business Network Installation includes:

  • Setup of a Small Business Server SBS 2012
  • Partition of hard drives via Raid controller for redundancy.
  • Setup up to 5 user accounts via Active Directory.
  • Setup up to 5 email address via Exchange 2010
  • Setup up to 5 distribution groups via Exchange 2010
  • Setup up to 5 mapped shares for data access via Active Directory and volumes
  • Setup Shared Printer
  • Setup VPN & Remote Access for delegated users
  • Setup intranet homepage enabling users to add content.
  • Migration of up to 50 GB of data to new server.

Please note that this does not include any hardware or SBS server Software, we advise our customers to have this ready for installations or we can also provide those software for extra cost.
Small Business Server and Network Installations : $1299.00